Jacob Mulligan


Guide.js is a Chrome plugin for web designers, it gives you Photoshop like gridelines and rulers by hitting CMD + ; on any page. This extension takes some of the guess work out of lining up elements.


June 2013


This is an easy and free tool to remove fake Twitter followers in bulk that's been used to remove millions of followers. I wrote about it here.

December 2012

Facebook Friends project

Using a couple lines of Javascript and the Facebook API, this site shows you what might be Facebook's prioritization of your friends. You can read more about it on Business Insider.

November 2012


wtfnasa is a nasa spinoff fact generator. It was built right after the Curiosity rover landing and is a reaction to people using the hashtag #wtfnasa in a negative way, upset that it ‘cost so much’. This 10 hour project got just over a million pageviews in just under a week. You can read about it on Mashable and TheNextWeb. I wrote about it in this blog post.

August 2012


Readable is a bookmarklet that removed the clutter from articles and blog posts, reformatted the page, and gave you the content in an easy to read layout.

August 2012


Notely was a student run note-taking service. We hired 20 Northeastern students to take high quality notes which we marketed and resold online. After winning first place in Northeastern’s Husky Startup Challenge my partner and I went on to do several thousand in revenue before closing shop during summer 2012.

November 2011 -
May 2012