Jacob Mulligan

December 20, 2012

Eaisly remove fake twitter followers in bulk

About two months ago 6000 fake twitter accounts started following me. Annoyed that it would look like I bought them, I searched for a service that would remove them, but all existing services were limited to removing 1000 followers per day by Twitter’s API. Not wanting to spend six days deleting them, and the developer inside me saw this as a challenge, I decided to try building my own solution.

Turns out that there’s a way around this; by writing some Javascript that looped through my Twitter followers page I was able to remove all 6000 fake followers in under and hour. The script isn’t great at picking out individual fake followers, but it’s very fast and efficient at picking out large groups of fake followers. If you have 1000+ fake followers, or even 10,000, and want to get rid of them quickly, this script should work great for you. You can find it at FollowersBeGone.com.

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